1. IMO, graphics cards are not fairly priced, if they were, there would not still be the supply imbalance; they remain underpriced.

    As a manager with an MBA, I know that no task is particularly hard or time-consuming if I don't have to do it. -) But it seems like all these graphics card reviews now need a new insert: a table showing the nicehash $/day of the cards in question. You could even rerelease old videos with a new 30 seconds, the table, link to this and even show your nicehash affiliate link.

    I think "half" of mining occurs in China and I don't think it is racist to say $180k/year might be even more appealing there.

    I think there is a minor place for local backups: in addition to BackBlaze. It'll probably work and might get me started quicker than BB and my unreliable internet (Tech for '28)

    When we get to 500, I certainly think Rogue deserves something more than the pub grub you mentioned. At the very least a decent chain restaurant like III Forks, Del Friscos, …

  2. Hey I have a question? For how long should I mine for or what’s the Max i can mine to still have my hardware last for at least 3 years. I just got a 10850k 3080 asus tuf, 32gb 3200mhz ram with thermal take aio and 750w supply. I took out the tempered side panel to help lower temps. Any ideas? I took your advice and I’m doing NiceHash.

  3. A lot of times he doesn't answer the question. The RAID question was about HDD RAID vs SSD RAID. Instead he talked about RAID good or bad, which wasn't the question. It makes me wonder if he just doesn't know enough to answer the questions.

  4. One thing people seem to forget is that mining difficulty increases over time, and more now that everyone is doing it (the more people mining, the faster the difficulty increases). You won't mine as much with the 3090 in 2 months, and in 8 months you will barely make any profit. So in reality those calculations to know when you'll get your investment back are bogus, because they assume a constant mining difficulty, which is a non real scenario. In reality, you may never get that money back, unless you hold but then buying bitcoins directly instead of mining would have been a much better investment (buy 3080's instead -their hashrate is very close to 3090's anyway-, and use those extra $2000 to buy bitcoins).

  5. Going to have a talk with my financial adviser tonight. Found a 3080 for 1200. We can afford it twice over, it’s just not written in our 0 based budget. But with the mining to help offset it… I think that might get her to pull the trigger tonight.

  6. People have seemed to have forgotten no matter how much money you have you cant take it with you. Someday when the end of your life comes you will own nothing.

  7. Mr Tech, can U kindly recommend anyone else besides nicehash?
    I join under your link but sadly the last two days have shown them to be sneaky crooks. Not good. Twitter feed has proof of many shorthanded and lied too. They hiding and not disclosing our true earnings. I won't trust them anymore.

    Thank you.

  8. Nicehash isn't as user friendly as it's made out to be. I've spent over an hour trying to get it to work on an older machine with a GTX 1080 and it crashes every time I try to launch it. I'm now using my main gaming rig with a 9900K and RTX 3080. I can't even earn a single fraction of a BTC when I push the start mining button. Every benchmark from that tab fails with either "Unprofitable" or "Error during benchmark". I've watched all the tutorials. I understand I need to disable real-time virus protection while adding NH folder as an exclusion from the C drive where it's installed. The "test" mining program works fine with my GPU running but the actual application doesn't. So much for working "out of the box".

  9. MSRP is the manufacturers suggested retail price, not the actual price somebody has to sell a product for, in fact it is illegal for the manufacturer to require the retail price. As an example, all cars have the MSRP on the Maroni sticker, but most people make a deal for less than the MSRP for a car. The MSRP is pretty well meaningless, it is more or less a guide for the retailer, it is not the price of the product. Today the prices of GPUs are what GPUs cost, and it is far above the MSRP. I have no problem buying an RTX3070 on eBay for 900.00. That is the price of an RTX3070, not the 500.00 MSRP. If you want an RTX3070 pay 900.00, because that is the cost.

  10. So I've spent several hours listening to your NiceHash pitch and decided to finally jump in despite my reluctance and aversion to miners. More than an hour later of troubleshooting (restoring false-flag files messages through Defender) the program it refuses to start on my machine because of "too many restarts" every time I try to launch it. Win10 (4690K/GTX1080). What a waste of "only taking 5 minutes"

  11. The 3060ti seems to be the best mining card so 800$ won't be just a short price increase… maybe in one year the miners which buy hundreds and thousands will stagnate but not for the next months so double of MSRP isnt just short term…

  12. Like other virtual currencies, Bitcoin officially holds the status of property. This is why in the U.S. general tax principles that are applicable to property transactions also apply to the sale and/or exchange of Bitcoin. For the taxpayer, this means that Bitcoin is a capital asset and, therefore, is subject to capital gains tax.
    Hobby miners need to report their income from mining on Form 1040.

  13. GTX 970 has LESS than 4gb of vRAM
    There was a class-action settlement over the marketing because it's functionally something like 3.6gb of vRAM or something like that

  14. Now I'm waiting for a RTX 3070 and I'm absolutely sure they will go back to $400 or there abouts, – it's just a matter of being patient and I can be very patient believe me. I don't see how you can possibly go on in public and make accurate predictions of what will happen in the next year or so. And when the 3070 does come around to that value and I get one it will still have the same performance gain over my GTX960 as it would now. For now the GPU I have plays everything I want as I don't play very recent games anyway. If I want more performance in the mean time I could always get a 1060 or something like that. As an example of what I am saying, who could have predicted the impact of COVID-19 18 months ago – but it still changed the world. Now while you are at it, do you have any lottery numbers to predict? And if you are smart enough you will be able to predict them 😉

  15. Prices will rise to what the market will bear. Regardless of how we feel about it, so long as there are people buying the cards at their current prices, they will either stay at these prices, or keep increasing until people stop buying them. Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but all prices will be going up soon enough once the inflation from all the money printing kicks in.

  16. the calculations only add up at the current hype. later when the hype is over these cards will not mine so many dollars a day. also the computer must run day and night while drawing hundreds of watts. at years end there comes the electricity bill that can be substancial in certain countries with high costs per kW/h.(its like leaving the house with the oven switched on)

  17. Coach!! I’m off the sidelines and in the game 🙂

    So happy i kept my old intel desktops. Last night I setup three rigs playing the nicehash game that’ll run 24/7…and I’ve been reading & learning more since this steam,Luckily I had evga psu’s on all of them with power to run their respective gpu.

    Thank you for helping us norms realize that we don’t have to sit on the sidelines and there’s simpler ways to enter the game.

    It’s our new reality folks.

  18. There is a famous character, a Google search for "signals walter bulls". He made a fortune for himself back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professional players. This guy shows how to copy after him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise..

  19. Hello guys I have a question I hope someone can answer…
    I have a 2080ti and I want to buy a 3090. Will i be able to use them both at the same time for mining? If so will a 1000w PSU be good enough?

    I don't know if they are necessary I don't know anything about mining but here are the pc spec.

    ROG maximum XII MoBo
    10900KF all core OC 5.1 Ghz
    32GB G SKILL Ram
    Asus turbo Rtx 2080 TI

    Thank you again in advance! Keep up the good work guys!

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