1. This tax system is archaic, intrusive and error prone. Abolish income tax and use micro tax instead where all electronic payments/wire transfers get taxed at a small percentage. There you go, no file reporting. Problem solved and everyone is happy.

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  3. First find out WHO is liable for federal income tax. Are YOU that foreign entity REQUIRED to pay FEDERAL INCOME TAX? Are you a foreigner who used a middleman to gain USA income???? If not, you owe nothing. Read Dave Champions book SHATTERING THE MYTH. This is ridiculous. You think you owe on your number 1 protected RIGHT???? YOUR LABOR!!!!!!???????? FYI. RIGHTS CANNOT BE TAXED.

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  5. So let’s break this down, if we made a gain from selling a crypto, and it was then converted to USD that was then immediately rolled into a Roth as a lump sum you could then pull out the principal money you put in whenever tax free?? Interest accrued from the Roth however would not be tax/penalty free for early withdrawal? Yes or no???

  6. If I sell cryptocurrency for the same price or even below the price I bought (no profit), do I pay tax as if I had gotten profit?

    Also, if the average of all my tradings is below 0 (no profit) do I pay taxes?

  7. One thing that I haven't seen anybody explaining is that… does the tax I have to pay on the trades I made, affect the IRS tax my wife and I already pay every year like doubling it? Like, I made 1000 only on crypto currency, but the IRS tax I'll pay on that, I'll also have to pay again on my regular income regardless of the tax I already pay regularly on it every year.

  8. If I invested 1000, and made 1000 more (making it 2000), and decide to transfer everything to another cryptocurrency or even cash out my money, do I pay taxes only on my gains (1000) or I pay taxes on everything (2000)?

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