1. While I am fan of this youtube channel, and have watched loads of vids made here…. however, I have to say that I have NEVER EVER FOUND A GRAPHICS CARD AT THE PRICE THIS GUYS SAYS IT IS. Every time, EVERY TIME, the cost of the graphics cards are at least triple the cost he claims they are…. now come on….. I can see a general fluctuation of perhaps $50 bucks or so… but he claims this card, in THIS VID is a little over $220! I click the link to ensure I'm getting the product he is talking about and its feckin $720+ ! So far, I have almost $1,000 bucks in my mining rig, and I havent even purchased a Graphics card yet! SO! Lets do math my dear reader… lets just say the graphics cards are the current price of $700 and you are set up for a general 6 card unit….right? $700 X 6 +=$4,200.00 AND THATS JUST FOR THE graphics cards! not to mention the $1,000 bucks (PLUS) you'll spend on the rest of the rig. How on earth is this supposed to fall under the title, " Budget Mining Rig " ???? You can do better dude…. help us out and update your vids……

  2. Too bad it is so hard to get your hands on any gpus lol, i guess if you dont mind ordering from overseas there is some 3080s and 3070s in stock on ismicro com

  3. What you suggest among – rx 580 8gb, 1660ti, 1660 super, 1070, 1070ti, 1080, 1080 ti ? And what brand cards are best in terms of Watts and hashrate… Not considering price because buying used cards any way.

  4. I don’t mine but I invest Bitcoin is at 50k I invested at 20k also yeah I can’t make PCs right now like I want to Bc y’all stupid miners buying everything

  5. I'm mining with a rtx3060ti all the money I make will go into another rig with another mining card, then it will be mining double and again the money I make from both will go into a third rig and so on, no before you tall about electricity bills not that money from one rig will be able to cover the bill

  6. Hi mate, do you have troubles to install the drivers for 1660 super? I have updated windows 10 to the latest version, but it is still saying, this nvidia driver is not compatible with this version of windows. Need a bit help, please

  7. hello, im looking to get into the mining world, and want to build something basic like this, with one 1660 super, today still profitable? my energy cost is 0.03 usd kw/h, giving me a 7 months payback aprox, is this correct or am i forgetting something, also what mother and power unit you recommend me?

  8. So Vosk I punched the numbers in whattomine. Seems like Vega 64 x8 or a 5700 XT. According to the charts they'll make more than 1660 super x8.

    Do you think I should start collecting Vegas 5700's or 1660 cards?

  9. Using Nicehash I am getting about 28 mh/s for each card, running at about 105WATTS per GPU, on a 220V mineshop system. What do you think? Running on medium power for each card.

  10. Weak results, I'm getting 30.25 MH/s on Ethash with my 1660 Super. Core clock really isn't important, I've got Power limit at 65%, Mem +800, and no change on core clock. No bios mods, just an MSI afterburner profile.

  11. GPU0 t=00C fan=00% P=00W

    Total GPUs power consumption: 00 Watts

    I can see such values on a RX580 when using claymore but I cannot see the same when mining on 1060 what to do?

  12. Hey nice Video! I am looking for a way to apply a lower power limit than
    usually allowed. For a gtx 1660 super you can set the power limit at
    minimum 70Watt… I am looking for a way to set that power limit lower.
    Where to start? is it a driver limit? or is that someting the card has
    encoded into the bios?

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