1. Nice video and thanks for all the help.
    Do you have a video that explains how was the experience?
    I mean – can you set and forget for few months – or everyday you must do something, like something stop working etc?

    Because I am a guy who does travel for months – I was thinking of setting up a rig in my hometown home, and leave it there working while I am traveling. But I am not sure if it is a set and forget or Must be maintained.

  2. Yes it's work perfectly with sebasminer on telegram they just created my wallet with 3Bitcoin without any extra payment or change…… Thanks you for the help

  3. Rigs like this will be mostly irrelevant once Ethereum migrates to Proof of Stake by the end of the year so I wouldn't recommend trying to build one if you don't already have the parts and even then only if your ROI is short

  4. Major problem every gpu miner will deal with specially with multiple rigs is heat… before you start if you plan on going past one rig you need to think about how your going to handle that. Ideally a dedicated room… plan your layout of rigs in cad program…shelves etc estimate power per rig…how many you can have on the circuit you have available. Also you want pressure neutral space as much in airflow as out airflow…you don't want it to effect rest of the house. There is alot that goes into mining room when you have alot of rigs.

  5. In my rigs running them low power and "slow" is a difference of 20$ or so a month…it's not worth beating these cards to hell and back. This is something no one will tell you everyone is there to get every last cent out of them.

  6. My advice to people getting into it. Don't be greedy run your cards slower then stock with low power settings. Power consumption will be lower and your cards will last much longer with less heat. It's not that you will see many card failures but these cards arnt cheap cards…having 400 or 2000$ gpu die cause your running huge overclock would be pretty big hit.

  7. Have you heard about the RevuMiner? It claims that the power consumption is way lower than other miners with very high hashrates… If the claims are true it seems like a game changer!

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