1. it's net positive to move to POS and leave behind POW. it's only when one start to see things from the lens of "but what about MY mining money!??!" that one starts to miss the big picture

  2. Hey man I like your videos and im willing to spend even 10000$ on a machine but I don't understand when u go on your pc so could you please do more video with more explanation like step 1 step 2 step 3 ………I know how does machine can be connected …….etc

  3. Wasn't there some kind of protest day that I have been hearing about where everyone will turn off their hashing power for the day. I'm sure the network wouldn't do very well with that. I wish Ethereum would stay profitable for minors because it has a bright future and the coin is going to go up in price a lot we could all make out very well by building a quick stack of coins even after it moves to 2.0 at least you have the stock and you can watch it rise. I might get my gpus on eBay before the rush because profitability is definitely down right now and it's probably going to get worse. I know I can get a premium for this stack of 30 series currently but soon in the future they will probably sell for less than retail because eBay is going to be flooded with them.

  4. Thanks Vosk, because of you me and all of our crew are making over $3600 a day, right now; all because of your channel and the valuable information you put out to the universe..!!!

  5. I live in argentina. 50% inflation every year… i dont care if i make 2 dolares a month. Every month my salary looses easily 5% its value… this is my scape to this shit place im in… and i ll be really sad if mining ends…

  6. So what wrong with ASIC's for mining, the reality hashes are used to calculate the block chain and create the ledger. So why do you want to make this a GPU specific function. It would be like the banks saying they want to charge more for transactions because there encryption is running on 386's. ASIC are meant to make the network faster and more efficient, so Ethereum can be used as a liquid currency.

  7. when mining is no more, no new supply will be created? is eth still hold value and be traded after that or this only make the price even more scarce?

  8. You're gonna lose more money from ETH plummeting in value when everything moves over to ADA if you can't see past your greed for long enough to recognize that the gas crisis is an existential threat to Ethereum as an entire ecosystem 🙂 These gas fees are making the entire network FUCKING UNUSABLE and plenty of other projects are ready to step in to take advantage of this

  9. One thing I don't understand is how are you the only person talking about this while others aren't mentioning a single thing about any of this.

  10. I invite @elonmusk to build a small scale thorium reactor on my land. Any miners will get reduced power rates; the more you consume, the less the overhead. Thorium power > all other renewable energy.

  11. In other words, EIP 1559 is like this: if you're new to Ethereum mining then fuck you. Only the rich will benefit.

    Thanks. Just as I get into Ethereum and try to earn some income (so I can invest more into crypto), stuff like this comes along and tries to screw me over. As if hardware wasn't expensive enough as it is…

  12. I have done the math. If you average out the rewards over the last year adding together both fees and BR's, the total reward is an average of between 2.85 & 2.9 ETH. If we only make 2 ETH for the block reward, it isn't the end of the world. In fact, it is only slightly more than the equivalent reduction in rewards per GH that the increase in the network hashrate over the last 3 months. To compare, EIP 1559 will reduce rewards about 30% while the increase in hashrate over the last 3 months has reduced the amount of ethereum per GH/s by 25%. Why don't we hear anyone complaining about the increase in network hashrate? It holds just as much risk, if not more, for miners than EIP 1559.

  13. I get it that people feel passionately about this, but let's get real…this is just about personal greed. You're only doing this to make money, not for some righteous crusade. It's what's wrong with people and will always be what's wrong with us.

  14. Every video I watch by this guy talks about what a losing proposition it is to. Mine and how little you Will make.

    Funny when I talk to my friend and who mines he does quite well. And Etherium is doing awesome.

    But yeah keep telling us how little bitcoin we can get and how etherium is dead lol

    Dude just doesn't want anyone else in his market

  15. I was about to build my first serious miner. I should be profitable long before this bullrun is over, but maybe it's too little too late? The build can have up to 10 GPU's, but I was going to start with 2 or 3. Sure, I could save a little and not build it so it can build out that far, but if I want to add it's a lot more expensive to start with a small plan.

    I just want an extra side income. That's all, but am I wrong to even go for it? Been using Nicehash on my first computer for some change and getting use to the platform. Also, in this video, you're showing much higher payouts than I see for this gear on Nicehash, maybe I'm going through the wrong group?

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