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  3. Good Day to you .
    I would like thank you for all the efforts that you have been doing to increase the viewr knoweldge and skills. You become one of the guides to crypto mining and personaly I am very proud of your work . I would like to add some points to increase the video performance .I beleive if you explain slower during the show specially when browsing through the pages . I hope you could teach us more of how to rent a mining rig in details (https://www.miningrigrentals.com/) .For example :
    1- How we use the rental Rig and identifiying the type of Crypto currency .
    2-Can we use the same Rig to Mine at least six or seven mining web site.
    3-What are the capacity that we are looking for to mine each crypto currency speacially Bitcoin.
    4-How can we creat a worker name and what it means.
    5-How can i calculate my hash rate profit ? what are the items needs to be considered to calculate this Profit earning ?
    6-How can we get our payout .
    Finally , I would like to thank you so much again and i hope you may creat a new video explaining all what has been mentioned.
    I wish you a lovely day and success in future.

  4. I've been thinking about getting into Mining, and I'm not sure if I am too late to the game. I have two rigs for gaming that each have a 1070 in them, and I was thinking about adding three more gpus to each for a total of two rigs with four 1070 units each. I went to a Bitcoin calculator and punched in 112 mh/s to get an idea of the income each rig would generate. the calculator stated 0 dollars. Could you give me an approximate idea of the income I could possibly be generating per month with this equipment? Or possibly point me to a better calculator, or starter site please??

  5. I wonder when we'll see such a reliable pool as flypool for zencash. Site is fast,interface is well designed. Every Zencash pool I've tried was slow as f with bad monitoring. I'm in Europe btw.

  6. Hi, very interested in which currencies you choose to sell to pay the everyday bills and how you go about making that decision. Ive been mining for 6 months to build a position which i have done, now im looking to pay down some of my initial investment. Great channel too, very honest, zero bullshit.

  7. Ive been following you for awhile now and seen this and thought this sounds too good to be true. I decided to go with MRR over nicehash cause i think nicehash is untrustworthy. I followed the video on MRR rented 2 13.5TH rigs for 6 hours. Picked the cheapest rigs available. Paid 59k satoshi's and 57k satoshis. Had one run on slushpool and one run on bitcoin.com pool. Rigs ran as advertised one at 100% and the other at 102%. That was yesterday so i wanted to wait some time to make sure I got the final totals. One made almost 35k satoshis and the other one ran almost 51k. So i paid roughly .00116 BTC to make .00086 for a total loss of .3 mBTC. I was just doing this while I was waiting for my rig parts to get here to build my first one. This seems like a good idea to make money renting rigs out but it seems like its not a good idea to make money. IDK if I did something wrong which I dont think or I just had really bad luck.

    BTW I used your link to sign up onto MRR and several exchanges which I have been using.

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