1. I got my cards and miners at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards and miners are great, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. My recommendation for them.

  2. hello, would somebody tell me how to set up mining. Just bought a laptop msi rtx 3080 in order for me to earn extra income. Please I need to know the step by step on how to connect into mining. Thank you.

  3. How long before you reach "ROI" in real cash terms including power cost, on an 800.00 laptop as you suggest in the video? As you mention in the video Leveno was running cooler will this in theory provide longevity and a much greater "Return On Investment" in real cash equivalent over time?

  4. im starting out with a msi raider with a 1070 and wth out over clocking it does 19.9 almost 20 mh. im afraod to overclock it since itsa my first one but ive found a few same msi raiders with the 1070 on offer up for as low as 500/600 so im thinking about maybe grabing 1 or 2 but id really like to over clock to get it up to a respectable MH . Im using cudo miner. im ALSO a ultra noob… whatd do you think?

  5. Hey wait I noticed you have a North Carolina hat on I'm also in North Carolina. I have access to so much hardware it would blow your mind we should get together if you're in North Carolina

  6. Man this is the channel I have been looking for. I have acquired four laptops with similar specs two are actually identical to the dells you reference. I will follow all your instructions thank you my man.

  7. Can someone maybe help me and I bet confused as I'm thinking of doing it on my laptop when it's not doing you nothing as I get free power anyway with solar panels currently have a 2060 Alienware I think that's it cool to around 30MHz .

    How much would just be per day per week or per month on average should I expect

  8. Its a awesome video
    I started a test i bought a dell laptop
    I have a program name uminible
    It has current hashrate 89.9h
    And calculated 321h could you help me explain what it means im mining doge coin wanna try something else.
    Thank you.

  9. How is ur laptop GPU at 70 degrees!!!! I have zephyrus g15 2021 version with rtx 3070 when I mine on nice hash quick miner on turbo mode my GPU is at 85degrees please help 😭

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