1. hi im 13 and im doing this razor stuff but theres no point point i stiill we do it until i get soemthing better what should i use what app to get money other then razor mining

  2. Im not advocating this, but you probably could do it on multiple computers. If you had 3 computers, you could do it in 2 months. Yes, you would probably just be better off doing your own mining, but this would be easier.

  3. Bit of child exploitation there, obviously no adult with an iq over 70 wud fall for this, unless they're a dumbass, but a kid will just see it as free stuff, they're not paying for the electric or for a new computer so why not keep it on full load 24/7 and run it into the ground

  4. for the price of their cheapest mechanical keyboard i can completely redo my entire peripheral setup (excluding headset) that is just outrageous.

  5. Lol! Just read their site, "*Razer Silver is not a cryptocurrency", SMACK DAB on their own page!
    Come on Razer, man up and make an ACTUAL cryptocurrency or STOP giving people none-sense about it being it but NOT being it.

  6. The Crypto currencies are all a big pyramid scheme. They are a fraud.
    It might be a nice idea, but all of the current implementations are fundamentally economically flawed and a basic fraud.

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