1. May be that was long back ago… Maine kuch din pehale apne gaming rig joh sirf ek graphic card ka hain 2060 rtx usmain maine mine karne ki koshish ki thi woh uske hashrate ke hisab se 2.43 dollar kar raha tha 24 hrs (a day) ka bol raha boss

  2. Bhaiya ajj app whattomine par dalo 6 gpu 1060 ke vetcoin zabardast fayda de raha hai lagbag 14.48 dollors net profit dikha raha hai app dekhiye phir reply dijiye ki ye right hai ki nahi iss waqt investment karna reply dijiyega

  3. To the gamers who blame miners for the increased price of all gpu, its not because of only mining….. its about Semiconductor chip and silicon deficiency in the market due to pandemic outbreak….. so the stocks have became less and wholesalers are holding their stock to increase the price to gain maximum profit. Don't only blame the miners for that.

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