1. The link you provide is a scam, I order the items and the company doesn´t provide any tracking code or any clear information about the product, and if you ask for refund NO ONE respond any question or gives any answer or explanation.

  2. Your act of kindness and your service show how big of a heart you’ve for others thanks for the 2BTC you generate into my luno wallet cryptoinvestment•tech site I’m so much grateful to your service

  3. You talked about overclocking this unit that is made of the same chips that are in the big ASIC miners which made me wonder if you can overclock the big ones? Or are they already overclocked from the start?

  4. is it possible to connect these to Nicehash? been using them to learn about this bitcoin mining stuff lately, looks cool. Also has anyone bought these sticks from this website and can give me feedback if it's legit or not?

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