1. I was a bit worried when I got to know that the manufacturers reduced the warranty of mining GPU to 3 months from 3 years..That's the reason why i watched this video..As per your information, it should last long at least 3-5 years..Thanks for the info..

  2. Well, he's kinda right. Thermal degradation is bad for GPUs: Thermal degradation occurs when the item changes its properties under the influence of increased temperature. So if you run the card hot 24/7 you'll have thermal degradation long before a card that isn't. Now what he was trying to say was thermal cycling. This is repeated heat/cool cycles. Yes it's bad for electronics too. However these cards were designed with thermal cycles in mind. They were not however designed to run at high temp, no-stop with the fans on high.

  3. I have a number of 9 year old amd cards earning their keep. 2 of them did gaming server duty most of their life. Same with some Maxwell nvidia cards.

    Dont necessarily look at daily income, look at balancing your portfolio because any coin you can mine can moonshot at any time.

    To put it in perspective if I would have mined ETC the last 3 months instead of ethereum for daily income, I would have $40,000 for my 3 months of work.

  4. So you really told that asics are much more likely to degrade unlike usuall gpus? i believe you meant that they must be changed cuz of efficiency , but what about like those new s19 with 110ths? Do you consider buying them to whitstand market rally for atleast one year?

  5. Hello thank you for the video, im i new miner (ethereum miner), i have an rtx 3070 (maximum temperature in mining process after 24h is 57 °C (+1000mhz memory and 50% power limit), i hope it can run like this for one year to purchase another with the income, i think you have big experience do you think with this condition (temperature, memory overclock) it can be broken after some months from now ?

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  7. The video looks informative. I was setting up a single rig on 8× AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (have free electricity), which specific RAM CPU fans etc are preferred for a decent life considering ROI and what life can I expect it to last? would appreciate your suggestions

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